Training - Delivery

Diagram showing of Mehrabian's Communication methods

NXStep programmes and workshops are delivered with energy and enthusiasm. They are designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing attendees to get involved and experience the learning. Key to the success of our workshops is communication and engagement.


Communication is key to the success of any workshop. NXStep recognises the different learning styles and delivers to these styles. This ensures that our training appeals to all attendees and everyone leaves with a positive learning experience.

NXStep also recognises the ways in which we communicate. Our workshops are both visual and aural, ensuring that the key learning is both seen and heard.


Training will only be successful if the attendees are engaged. NXStep workshops are delivered with high energy and designed to engage the attendees. The workshops incorporate activities to involve delegates; we don't simply stand at the front and talk at those attending.

NXStep workshops make use of video, music, games and challenges to engage attendees. The breadth of our approach opens the mind the new ways of thinking and concepts outside the day-to-day workplace.

Delivery of your Workshops

NXStep's delivery style maximises the learning from a workshop. Our style can be adapted to any workshop meaning that we can take your internal training and deliver it for you. Once we have gained a full understanding of the training we will deliver it with energy and enthusiasm, ensuring consistency in the messages delivered and a positive learning experience for all attending.