Training - Design

Venn diagram showing experience, requirements and theory with creativity added via arrow

NXStep is available to design and deliver your workshop. If you have internal trainers then NXStep can work with you to design a workshop to be delivered internally.

As with programmes that we deliver, our first step in design-only programmes is to understand your business and your requirements. We will spend time with you to understand your needs, your business culture and your audience before applying our experience, theory and creative expertise to design your specific workshop.

Programmes designed for internal delivery are produced to the same high quality as programmes that we deliver. The final part of designed programmes includes the handover of the workshop materials to the internal trainers. The materials will include:

The above will be provided on the handover day, when NXStep will provide a detailed overview of the workshop to those who will be delivering it. If required, NXStep will run, or co-facilitate, a pilot of the finished workshop. This ensures that those delivering the workshop fully understand the content and have already experienced the finished product.