Diagram for Design process, We Learn, We Design, You learn

NXStep delivers bespoke workshops and programmes, tailored to meet specific client needs.

Our three stage process, "We Learn, We Design, You Learn" recognises that all businesses are different and that effective training cannot be simply lifted from the shelf. Each client is treated as being unique, with NXStep investing time to learn your business and understand your requirements

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Our first step in any training design is understanding the client. NXStep will spend time with you, understanding your business and your training requirements.

Clear objectives lead to observable outcomes, allowing the real benefit of our training to be seen. Understanding the business ensures our final design is relevant and aligned to your requirements.

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With 14 years of experience with blue chip companies, NXStep is able to draw on extensive resources to design and build bespoke programmes. Experience includes day-to-day management, such as Performance Management and Team Leading, as well as Project Management, IT Integration and major Change Programmes. We use this experience to provide examples that add realism and relevance to workshops.

Using proven design methods, NXStep combines our experience with our knowledge of your business to create programmes and workshops that meet your needs.

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Delivery is key to the success of any training. Recognising different learning styles, our delivery ensures delegate engagement and fun. Workshops are delivered in a friendly style, inviting questions and promoting discussion. As a result, every workshop is unique and delegates leave with the key learning points and a positive learning experience.