Training - Workshops

Picture of workshop in progress, people sitting around table with presenter using flipchart

NXStep delivers bespoke workshops and programmes, tailored to meet specific client needs. Whilst all programmes are designed for your business, workshops that we have delivered in the past include:

Commercial Awareness

A workshop designed to increase commercial awareness within a team. Starting with an overview of how a business operates, the workshop introduces financial reporting and culminates in an exercise relevant to the business and team leader's role.

Ultimately the attendees leave thinking of the business' money as their own and treating it with the appropriate care.

Presentation Skills

Surveys have found that the fear of public speaking ranks higher in most people's minds than the fear of death.

This workshop increases confidence in delivering presentations. Allowing the attendees to practice in a safe environment, the workshop identifies strong public speakers and the characteristics that contribute to successful presentations. Providing tools and tips for effective presentations, the workshop is highly interactive and feedback driven, allowing attendees to improve their confidence and their technique.

Team Management

Designed for those new to team management, this workshop describes the different techniques that should be used to develop staff. Recognising the different roles of the manager, the workshop improves communication skills enabling improvements in relationships and so, through feedback, improvements in team working.

Combining theory with practical exercises, attendees leave the workshop able to appreciate the flexibility in their management style and incorporate styles and techniques to work effectively with their teams.

Performance Management

Performance Management drives business improvement through the setting, and regular review, of SMART goals in line with business strategy.

From the setting of individual objectives to the assessment and feedback of progress against these, this workshop provides end to end training on Performance Management. Including models for feedback and relevant case studies, the workshop can be developed further to include behavioural objectives.